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How Vision Therapy Can Help Improve Your Quality of life

How Vision Therapy Can Help Improve Your QUALITY OF LIFE When you can’t see properly, your options are limited in a number of frustrating ways. There are limits on what you can do for a living, and a multitude of challenges you’ll face when it comes to simply navigating your way through life. However, many

Going Beyond the School Eye Exam

The school eye exam has become a staple in the opening school activities each year when our children return for the new school year. Unfortunately, too many parents think this annual exam is sufficient to catch any problems with their child’s vision. Routine eye exams at school only check for visual acuity. If the exam

Vision Therapy in Treating Brain Injury

With all the emphasis on brain injury, including concussion in NFL football players, there is one aspect of a traumatic brain injury that is often overlooked. Visual problems can result from an injury to the brain. These problems are too often missed during initial treatment of the injury. This oversight can result in increased rehabilitation

What Conditions Can Be Helped with Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy can often help improve visual acuity in children and adults whose vision problems cannot effectively be treated or eliminated with glasses, contact lenses or patching of one eye. A program of vision therapy is sometimes the best course of action to address visual difficulties that have their origin in muscular dysfunction. Conditions that

Can Vision Therapy Help in the Treatment of ADHD?

More and more children are being diagnosed with a condition known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Current estimates state that 10 percent to 15 percent of school-age children are struggling with this disorder. It is generally assumed that children diagnosed with ADHD exhibit a common set of symptoms that all share a common

Neuro-Rehabilitative Optometry: What Does that Mean?

  We’ve all been there, done that. We’ve gone to see our doctor, had a talk with him or her about our medical condition, and had no idea what he or she was talking about. All those long, technical words were just so much gobbledygook to our ears. The same holds for when we visit

Stereo Blindness: Why Vision Therapy Is a Good Idea

Not everyone perceives the world around us as the same. If you can remember your time as a young preschooler, you learned how to draw stick figures, birds, trees, flowers, and even the sun in two-dimension form. Some of us, to our utter dismay, still draw the very same way as we did when we were five.

Benefits of Vision Therapy for Children

School-aged children, usually between the ages of five and nine, begin a yearly regiment of vision testing. If all looks well according to the optometrist or professional practitioner heading the testing sessions, you and your child have haphazardly leapt over that most dreaded canyon that determines whether or not glasses are in your child’s immediate

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